What is The Journey?

The Journey is a 9-month process, with most groups meeting every other week. It is divided into three main segments called, Enlightened, Enabled and Expressing.

The Enlightened segment of The Journey is the foundation of the journey process. The step by step understanding of the four personal aspects of God (He Knows, He Cares, He is Willing and He is Able) are designed to help the participant realize that God is a loving, caring and intimate God who wants to involve Himself in every area of the participant’s life.

The Enabled segment of The Journey focuses on guiding the participant towards an abiding, intimate relationship with Jesus. This segment helps the participant understand how the Holy Spirit “enables” him to develop this new level of intimacy.

The Expressing segment of The Journey is the culmination of the journey process. The principles of “Being a God Seeker”, “Being a God Abider” and “Live It Out” are used as the guide to help the participant understand fully the entire Journey.

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