Matthew, Mark and Luke use the Greek word “dunamis” to describe miracles.  It captures God’s power to transform life.  Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe in a God where nothing is too big or too impossible for Him?  Do you want what you’ve never had before?  This series will dare you to believe that God can and will do something amazing in your life, and challenge you to be a courageous participant.  As we open our eyes and fill our prayers with expectation, we’ll find miracles everywhere!

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Miracles: Part 1 - Do You Even Want A Miracle?

May 20, 2018
Group Notes

Miracles: Part 2 - Where Will You Turn?

May 27, 2018
Group Notes

Miracles: Part 3 - Out of Options

June 3, 2018
Group Notes

Miracles: Part 4 - Mess to Message

June 10, 2018
Group Notes