Shepherd boy, overlooked, underdog, chosen, fighter, fugitive, lonely, gifted poet, lover, adulterer, murderer.  What if the flaws of the people we admire the most were the most valuable attributes they could offer? What if the real value of admiration came from humanity rather than heroism? In this series we’ll look at one of the most well-known heroes in history to discover that God leveraged King David’s humanity rather than his heroism to lead him towards a Godly life.


King David: Part 1 - A Vision to Rise

September 30, 2018

King David: Part 2 - Friendship

October 7, 2018

King David: Part 3 - Outlaw

October 14, 2018
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King David: Part 4 - What Defines You?

October 21, 2018
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King David: Part 5 - Dirt and Divinity

October 28, 2018
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