Generosity changes lives. It’s that simple. At Discovery, we see it happen everyday.


Give Now

The bible teaches a foundational place to start as we give: the tithe.
We demonstrate money is not our God by giving the first 10% of our income.


This is safe, secure and easy. Consider setting up an automatic recurring gift. This helps us plan and you budget, by automating the important.

Give Back to God


Download the App or text ‘givedbf’ to 77977 on your smartphone, click the link sent back, register your debit/credit card. Easiest and fastest way to give!

Click your respective store below to download the DBF Church App!


Donation Kiosks are conveniently available near each main entry/exit of Discovery! All credit/debit cards are accepted.


You can easily donate each weekend using the envelope found at your seat.

2 responses to “Donate”

  1. Joanna says:

    If we want to automate online bill pay, which address should it be sent to, does it need to be in care of a department or a person?

  2. Administrator says:

    Good afternoon Joanna! You can have it sent directly to the church address. If you’d like to, you can simply put ‘c/o Treasurer’ on it and it’ll go directly to our treasurer. Thanks so much for your commitment to Discovery and for stepping in with your giving!